Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunflower Planting

In room 3 we are lucky to have a garden right outside our room. Mrs Simons and the year 1 children wanted to make our outside environment special like our inside environment and thought planting sunflowers would be a good start.

We all helped each other and worked as a team. Have a look at how well we did:

First we dug holes for our seeds in the garden. Ava helps to dig the holes.

Then, we carefully got a sunflower seed ready to plant. Look at our little seeds!

After, Gabrielle helps push the dirt to cover our seeds.

We took turns to water our seeds. Elise waters the seeds so they will grow
Everyday we are going to look after our sunflowers seeds and water them. Come back later and room 3 will update you on how they are growing.


  1. Sunflowers, what a great idea! You will be able to use them to study all sorts of things from the sunflowers. Then you can watch the birds and other animals eat the seeds! Maybe you could put a webcam on them when the birds are eating the seeds and stream it online,
    Mr. C

  2. How many seeds will each sunflower make?

  3. Hello Room 3,
    What a great idea to plant sunflowers outside your room. Mrs Louisson has spent a long time preparing the soil and weeding your garden, so this will make the outside of your class look beautiful. I can't wait to see them grow tall. I wonder how tall they will get?
    from Mrs Driver

  4. I just love sunflowers! I wish we had weather warm enough to plant sunflowers. I am in Michigan, in the United States and it is winter here. I was unusually warm today, but it looks like we will get more snow tomorrow.

    I love your blog post. Showing pictures of how to planted the sunflowers is a great idea!

  5. Thanks for the step by step instructions on planting sunflowers. I look forward to seeing them begin to grow. I am in Wellington so find it interesting to see what you are doing in Auckland. I love your blog template too by the way. Hopefully the bees can visit your sunflowers when they flower!

  6. Congratulations on learning to blog! The parents of the students are going to love this! I used to teach elementary school, and miss all these kinds of fun things to do and learn! Have fun blogging!

  7. We planted sunflowers 2 years ago. It was great and they look really nice as well. Make sure you record the growing stages!

    Mrs She

  8. Hi Room 3,

    How are you sunflowers doing?

    Have they grown lots since I left?

    I would love to see some new photos.

    I hope you have been watering them lots, so they will grow nice and tall.

    Can't wait to see you all again in June.

    From Miss Rule :)