Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will it float or will it sink?

Science experiement - to find out what can float and what sinks.

20 of us used to be learning about recycling. Now we are learning about science topics. We used tinfoil, play dough, a pencil, a stick, boats, paper, and water. I thought my boat would float. My two little tinfoil boys sank because the boat sank in the water. This was because my boat had a big hole in it. I made a tinfoil boat. It was enjoyable.
By KumAry

We used:
1. Purple play dough
2. Paper
3. Tinfoil
4. Plastic containers
5. Water
6. Stick
7. Pencil
8. Boats
We got containers with water.
Everyone got into their thinking buddies and we made tinfoil boats. We made a play dough ball. We tested them out. We got one rock that was gigantic and one rock that was tiny. We tested it out. Two of them sank.

By AljIbr

Firstly we filled a container of water. Then off we went to our own tables with our thinking buddies. My buddy was Geri. Miss Campbell gave us a silver tinfoil paper. Some of our boats sank and floated. I thought the big objects would float. The small play dough sank because Miss Campbell made a big hole in it. It was heavy. It was exciting.
By RanDan

We used:
1. Play dough
2. Paper
3. Tinfoil
4. Plastic container
5. Water
6. Stick
7. Pencil
Firstly we got 2 containers full with water.
Secondly we used paper, tinfoil and play dough to test it.
Thirdly we made a tinfoil boat.
Then we put it in the 2 containers.
Next we talked about it.
After we wrote about it and it was exciting.
Last we tested it lots of times. Like five times.
I thought that a big rock would sink.
We found out that heavy things can sink and light things can float.

By HuaXia

We used:
· Play dough
· Paper

· Tinfoil
· Plastic
· Container
· Water
· Stick boat
· Pencil
We got containers filled with water and paper and gigantic play dough to see what would float and what would sink. I found out that rocks sink.

By MatCoo

Monday, June 15, 2009

Junior Team Inquiry Presentations

On Monday 15 June 2009 the junior team meet in the hall to share their findings from their environmental inquiry study.

The Year 1 classes were looking at how to attract butterflies back to Pakuranga Heights School. What would be the best habitat for a butterfly? What did they need to live in? What did they already know about butterflies? This is what the Year 1 students found out...

Room 4 told us facts about the different parts of the butterfly. John pointed to the parts while the children read out facts.

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Room 3 shared with us a powerpoint about what how they made a butterfly garden. Here is their presention:

Room 2 did a dance about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Here is their dance:

Room 1 drew some lovely butterflies and labelled the parts. Here are their monarch butterflies:

The Year 2 classes looked at waste and how we can reduce, re-use and recycle. This is what they did...

Room 5 have featured in a previous blog post showing their fantastic recycled robots. Today three children shared some of their writing about how they made the robots and did a funky robot dance. Listen carefully to their presentation:

Room 6 have shared many findings already on this blog. They did a brief presentation on the types of waste that we have at PHS and they recommended that each class have 4 rubbish bins to sort waste into landfill, paper, compost and recycling waste. Room 6 then played their made musical intruments that they made out of re-using boxes and found objects while Room 7 modelled the t-shirts they made re-using clothing bags. Here is a short video of the "fashion show" by room 7.

Room 8 made robots from recycling boxes and found objects. They also made paper puppets out of newspapers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Room 5's Recycled Robots

Room 5 has been learning to make robots using recyclable materials. We wrote recounts using time connectives ie. first, next, finally. Have a look at our awesome robots and enjoy reading our fabulous stories.

First I made a plan. Next I used egg trays to make the shoulders. I used old packets to make the body of my little robot. Then I used sellotape to stick the robot together. Finally my teacher took a photo of me and my robot.
By Brenda Yang

First I got some recycling materials. Next I glued the head and arms on. I used two boxes for the head, two yoghurt pots for the hands and one tissue box for the body, one empty tea box for the legs and one bottle for the rocket. Finally I painted the robot red.
By Jacob Bates

First I drew a plan. Then I got some recycling materials. Next I put it all together with sticky glue. I used lemonade and ginger beer bottles for the legs, a bottle cap for the nose and creamy rice cans for the eyes. Finally I made the hair with silk and I french plaited it. My mum said “Wow” when she saw it.
By Anna Perry

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