Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will it float or will it sink?

Science experiement - to find out what can float and what sinks.

20 of us used to be learning about recycling. Now we are learning about science topics. We used tinfoil, play dough, a pencil, a stick, boats, paper, and water. I thought my boat would float. My two little tinfoil boys sank because the boat sank in the water. This was because my boat had a big hole in it. I made a tinfoil boat. It was enjoyable.
By KumAry

We used:
1. Purple play dough
2. Paper
3. Tinfoil
4. Plastic containers
5. Water
6. Stick
7. Pencil
8. Boats
We got containers with water.
Everyone got into their thinking buddies and we made tinfoil boats. We made a play dough ball. We tested them out. We got one rock that was gigantic and one rock that was tiny. We tested it out. Two of them sank.

By AljIbr

Firstly we filled a container of water. Then off we went to our own tables with our thinking buddies. My buddy was Geri. Miss Campbell gave us a silver tinfoil paper. Some of our boats sank and floated. I thought the big objects would float. The small play dough sank because Miss Campbell made a big hole in it. It was heavy. It was exciting.
By RanDan

We used:
1. Play dough
2. Paper
3. Tinfoil
4. Plastic container
5. Water
6. Stick
7. Pencil
Firstly we got 2 containers full with water.
Secondly we used paper, tinfoil and play dough to test it.
Thirdly we made a tinfoil boat.
Then we put it in the 2 containers.
Next we talked about it.
After we wrote about it and it was exciting.
Last we tested it lots of times. Like five times.
I thought that a big rock would sink.
We found out that heavy things can sink and light things can float.

By HuaXia

We used:
· Play dough
· Paper

· Tinfoil
· Plastic
· Container
· Water
· Stick boat
· Pencil
We got containers filled with water and paper and gigantic play dough to see what would float and what would sink. I found out that rocks sink.

By MatCoo

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