Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Room 5's Recycled Robots

Room 5 has been learning to make robots using recyclable materials. We wrote recounts using time connectives ie. first, next, finally. Have a look at our awesome robots and enjoy reading our fabulous stories.

First I made a plan. Next I used egg trays to make the shoulders. I used old packets to make the body of my little robot. Then I used sellotape to stick the robot together. Finally my teacher took a photo of me and my robot.
By Brenda Yang

First I got some recycling materials. Next I glued the head and arms on. I used two boxes for the head, two yoghurt pots for the hands and one tissue box for the body, one empty tea box for the legs and one bottle for the rocket. Finally I painted the robot red.
By Jacob Bates

First I drew a plan. Then I got some recycling materials. Next I put it all together with sticky glue. I used lemonade and ginger beer bottles for the legs, a bottle cap for the nose and creamy rice cans for the eyes. Finally I made the hair with silk and I french plaited it. My mum said “Wow” when she saw it.
By Anna Perry

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  1. Hi Room 5
    I love your wonderful recycled robots. I especially like the hair on Sonia's and the rocket boosters on Bailey's.
    What a good way to use boxes and found materials.
    from Mrs Driver

  2. Your robots just gave me a brilliant idea for our 'Big Writing' in a couple of weeks. I love the way you've used recycled materials to make them. Awesome work kids! I really like the robot that has three green buttons... I hope you feel very proud of yourselves.

  3. I am quite impressed with your use of connectives. You have written your procedures well and I love the pictures of your robots. I wonder what you would do with them if you could make them move?

  4. Well done Room 5. I love robots and they were all so amazing. I was really impressed with your recounts, your time connectives made them easy to understand. From Mr Wood

  5. Colleen WilliamsJune 9, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    Your robots are amazing! They are all so different, colourful and creative. You have planned them so well and finished them beautifully. What clever kids you are!
    Love from Mrs Williams

  6. Wow room 5 you have done a great job!
    from Mrs S.

  7. Some amazing and colourful robots.

  8. Hi room 5! We are so impressed with your fantastic robots. Hope you had fun making your robots.

    We really like how you, explained how you made your robots, short and nice. Lovely work kids we love them.

    From Team17 students.
    Kristine, Lisha and Karen