Monday, June 15, 2009

Junior Team Inquiry Presentations

On Monday 15 June 2009 the junior team meet in the hall to share their findings from their environmental inquiry study.

The Year 1 classes were looking at how to attract butterflies back to Pakuranga Heights School. What would be the best habitat for a butterfly? What did they need to live in? What did they already know about butterflies? This is what the Year 1 students found out...

Room 4 told us facts about the different parts of the butterfly. John pointed to the parts while the children read out facts.

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Room 3 shared with us a powerpoint about what how they made a butterfly garden. Here is their presention:

Room 2 did a dance about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Here is their dance:

Room 1 drew some lovely butterflies and labelled the parts. Here are their monarch butterflies:

The Year 2 classes looked at waste and how we can reduce, re-use and recycle. This is what they did...

Room 5 have featured in a previous blog post showing their fantastic recycled robots. Today three children shared some of their writing about how they made the robots and did a funky robot dance. Listen carefully to their presentation:

Room 6 have shared many findings already on this blog. They did a brief presentation on the types of waste that we have at PHS and they recommended that each class have 4 rubbish bins to sort waste into landfill, paper, compost and recycling waste. Room 6 then played their made musical intruments that they made out of re-using boxes and found objects while Room 7 modelled the t-shirts they made re-using clothing bags. Here is a short video of the "fashion show" by room 7.

Room 8 made robots from recycling boxes and found objects. They also made paper puppets out of newspapers.

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