Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Room 8's Self-Portraits

In Room 8 Mrs Driver has worked with us to make some lovely portraits. We learnt all about the proportions of our face and we learnt all about what a portrait is. Mrs Driver showed us a website all about portraits, you may like to look at it too by clicking here. We used black, grey and white crayons to make our portraits. We hope you like our self-portraits.


  1. Fantastic Room 8. I wish I could draw like you have. You will have to come and show me when you come by the office next time.

    Mrs S

  2. Room 8,
    You did a wonderful job with your portraits. You listened really well to the instructions and your proportion is very good. You have used the three colours to create good tonal drawings. This shows that you can blend colours and not draw them side by side. I'm glad you liked doing this - we can try something different next time I come in and show the world again!
    love Mrs Driver

  3. What great portraits. I can see you have some great artists in your class. When I do self portraits I always have trouble with the mouth. What do you find is the trickiest bit?

  4. I really enjoyed looking at your portraits. Thanks for sharing them with the world!

  5. Wow ! Those are beautiful protraits. You must have a very good art teacher. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs She Pt England School Auckland

  6. Room Eight, what wonderful work. Just as nice as the work was our ability to see the proud artists. The smiles on your faces said how proud that you were to produce such wonderful work and also how proud you are to be famous because you put the pictures on your blog! People from New Zealand and around the whole world will see them!
    Mr Webb and (another) Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  7. How these are really cool. You guys have worked really hard and have made them look really good. You should be really proud of them.

    Mr Barrow

  8. Wow Room 8 these are fantastic! I am very impressed. The children in my class have also been learning about self portraits - we will post some on our blog soon. Keep up the hard work. I can't wait to see what you create next.
    From Mrs McGhie

  9. I love the shading the students did on their portraits . I also loved the art styles many of the students adopted.

    I want to tell Marco that his portrait is crazy good and has interesting form. I especially love the eye lashes.

    Kim, I love the shading you did around your eyes. They are very expressive!

    Mr. C

  10. It's hard to draw a picture of yourself. I like all the detail everyone added to their portraits. Can I suggest that you put your drawings away somewhere special so you can find it again when you an adult?

  11. What fantastic drawings room 8. It looks like a lot of effort was put in, you are very lucky to have such a great teacher.
    Love Jade's Mum