Monday, September 14, 2009

Iquiry presentation

The junior school worked hard learning about farming and culture.

The year 1 students investigated the cultures in our school. The key question they investigated was "how can we learn from the different cultures we have in our classroom?”

Have a look at what our wonderful year 1 students learnt.

Room 1 learned about the Maori culture. The girls learned a poi dance and the boys learned the haka. We also learned about the Chinese culture and why they do the dragon dance at Chinese New Year. We all helped make a big dragon to conclude our cultural unit.

Room 2 shared a super Samoan dance.

Room 3 learnt how to sing hello in different languages.

Room 4 compared South Africa and New Zealand. They modeled some amazing masks. One side shows animals from South Africa and the other a Maori design specific to New Zealand.

The year 2 students inquiry was based on farming. The year 2 students key question was "How does farming affect my life?" The students directed the learning, exploring a harvesting crops and dairy farming. An exciting trip to the supermarket taught the students about roles and responsibilities. The year 2 students shared some of what they learnt at the inquiry presentation.

Room 5 asked the teacher some questions about Dairy Farming and how our food comes from the Farm to the Kitchen.

Room 6 were interested in the roles and responsibilities needed to get ice-cream from the farm to the freezer. Room 6 decided the best way to show what they learnt was through a drama of the process.

We started by investigating how to make ice cream. Yum!!!!

Then the different roles and responsibilities, which we shared at the inquiry presentation.

Room 7 has been studying about how farming affects our lives.
We decided to present our learning through a song and posters.
The song title is
“Oh, McDonald milks a cow”.

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