Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The super supermarket trip.

The year 2 students went to the local foodtown supermarket, last week on Tuesday. It was fun. Splish splash in the rain to get there and red sizzling sasuages filled our tummies up. We really liked it there. We created photo stories to show you how much fun we had and what we learnt.

Created by TulGer and RajDan

Created by PayHay, NadFel and PaySim

Created by KumAry, SteCod and EllJam

Created by AljIbr and TurGul

Created by NazKal and DicTyl

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  1. Awesome news! Our school is freakishly careful about what kids eat. I don't think our school would allow eating food like sausages on a field trip. There are so many allergies and health concerns to worry about. Thank you for sharing photos from your field trip to the supermarket.